Tim’s tech talk

Here is the first of Tim’s tech talks where he will tell you a bit more about all our gear.  I’ve also updated an existing post ‘Swedish highlights’ with some content so have a look.  Just click on the ‘locations’ tab in the side bar and select Sweden!


Having covered nearly 5000 Kms we can give a fairly accurate figure on consumption.

Without looking at the official figures, it will be interesting to compare the ‘marketing figures’ with our actuals. The Tiger is running at 22.5 Kms per litre while the 1190 KTM is running at 18.4 Kms per litre. We’re sticking to the speed limits most of the time, which is slower than the UK by a little. We’re doing virtually no motorways as we’ve set the Garmin onto curvy roads but even when opting for faster time we’re trying to avoid motorways.

Drift HD Ghost camera

I have to say the Drift camera is really proving very useful, not only because the quality of pictures is very good but you’re able to take stills virtually all day providing you’ve set up the remote in a place you can easily and safely access. I’ve put mine over the clutch reservoir on the handlebars (see photo).  Video works really well too but takes up much more battery life. Helmet cams are great but you have to work out what’s always going to be in the picture by default, ie part of the helmet, or a bit of the front of your bike. I’m getting used to standing to take better shots so you miss all your fairing/screen etc. But you just have to get into the habit of charging everything each night.

Camera remote
Camera remote

Sena SMH10 headsets

The Sena SMH10 has proved less successful, or to be fair, less durable. The electrical contact between battery/bluetooth unit and clamp/base has been a bit hit and miss and I can see why they have moved over to another system for the Sena SMH 10R as this removes the need for electrical pin contacts. But with handlebar remotes as well as the battery parts that means there would be 4 additional items that need charging each night. Currently we are only charging the battery units and actually we now realise we can just leave them attached to the helmet to charge to minimise the amount of electrical disruption that may be caused by continual attaching and unattaching the battery to the base unit each day. We already have to charge lots of items – so the new new Sena would prove problematic – add your phones, Sat Nav’s, computers, ipads and whatever else, and we are soon fighting for sockets!!

Never have enough plugs
Never have enough plugs


Sidi Adventure boots, first bike boots ever that I’ve had that are actually waterproof, brilliant!! Helen is well impressed with hers and finds them comfortable and not too warm.


…..And full marks for Continental’s brand new TKC 70 Adventure tyres, meaty for off road, (200kms per hour on gravel tracks!!) and very surefooted in gravel, but lasting very well on the road, over 5000 kms so far and not too much wear showing. Tom had some fitted in Stockholm and so we’ll see how well they do and how long they last. There are likely to be some minor, gravel roads still to come!

TKC70 front
TKC70 front
TKC70 rear
TKC70 rear

3 thoughts on “Tim’s tech talk

  1. Very interesting Tim…..nice to hear how The Tech works for you…electrical contact grease ..prob only from electronics shop..may help the contacts from wearing their coatings thin ..which tends to happen ..on coms equipment ..we used to have probs with similar kit we sold in the shop…its down (probs)to the gold or similar coating wearing and moisture resistance….JoeS
    Sorry…You knew that anyway I suspect..😉


    1. Hi Joe, Thanks for comments on Helen’s Blog. I’m crap but she’s really organised so she will do one each rest day (every 4 days odd). Yes, I should have got electrical contact grease. Now I know thanks. Hopefully tomorrow back to working intercoms. Now we’re doing a road trip of a lifetime and loving it!!

      Cheers Tim & Helen.


  2. Tim,s Techtalk??? Didn’t think you knew what it meant. As for repairing something… That definitely a first!!!! Good to hear your are both having a great time.


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