All good things must come to an end (for now)

A bit overdue, but let’s start with a bit of this: Footprints in the sand going this way and that, Random patterns drifting and seeking. Seeking the ocean, Seeking each other, Seeking new connections, Seeking fun and revitalisation. So many footprints and so many stories Soon to be washed away, Only to start afresh the … More All good things must come to an end (for now)

Step into Christmas

Yes, I know (like most of those unforgettable Christmas ditties we all love) that Christmas is now long gone, but this little missive is a catch up on the the festive period, fun and frolics back in Sydney and a chance to reflect on our first Christmas ‘down under’. What beautiful moments there have been … More Step into Christmas

Coast to Coast

Having ended my last missive with our arrival in Perth, we since traversed the country from the west coast back to the east to spend time with Will, Nicky and Caden in Sydney. What a blessing and a joy it has been too. So this time we’ve been focussing more on people than places – … More Coast to Coast