Hej fra Danmark!

Well, here we are, Stage 1 day 6 and our first rest day.  We’re in Frederikshavn and it is persisting with rain but all is well.

After the excitment that started the week, the rest of the trip has been really varied and has passed without any dramas.   Quite impressive that we have done 6 countries in 5 days already – some just passing through and some staying overnight.  Most of that has been on relatively empty roads through some gorgeous scenery – just one big town (Bremen) that we hit at end of day rush hour which was a pain as it was particularly hot -but generally able to have the vents on the suit open and get some air in.  Lovely.

Interesting highlights so far

  • answers on a postcard for the following sign – does this mean only hit the tree at 80?  The tree jumps out at you when you do 80 or more?  Any helpful suggestions gratefully received in case we see similar signs on our way back through Germany…
answers on a postcard...
answers on a postcard…
  • some sat nav issues…. Day 2 had highlighted a bit of a dilemma which the non-techies amongst us (ie Tim and me) had found trying to understand the conversion from Basecamp mapping to Garmin en-route mapping.  We found differences in the settings and now realise that you have to check that the settings you make in Basecamp (like no motorways, curvy roads, etc) are also set on the Garmin too – one doesn’t over-write the other.  This resulted in a conflict which ended up with a) a route that differs from the one you set b) a route that is different on the 2 bikes even though the same route was downloaded to each and all this with 2 identical satnavs bought at the same time.  A bit frustrating but we seem to have sorted it as days 3 – 5 went without a hitch.
  • some sat nav saves – we were impressed with the couple of times that we found roads completely closed and no clear diversion signs that satnav got us where we needed to be – good circumnavigation as Tim calls it (sometimes actually code for ‘cock-up’ but not this time)
  • German autobahns !!!!!  When they say there’s no speed limit, there’s no speed limit.  Shocker.  Tom rose to the challenge admirably.  Tim didn’t do too bad either (as his biker mates will know already)
  • Ferry experience number 2 in the wet – this time a short trip but still just as slippy on the stupid metal decks.  Managed it though – will need the practice for when we leave Frederikshavn tomorrow as it will be wet again.
  • Danish breakfasts are awesome – well, if like me you love a bit of museli, yogurt, fruit and continental meats/cheeses – yummy.  Tim was aghast and wondered why there was bird seed out on the table and is deeply concerned that it will be Elf ears on offer by the time we get to northern Norway.
  • If dreaming in the language of the country you are in is a sign of fluency, does my dream involving Abba (not as they were then but as they are now) mean I’m half-way to being Scandanavian?  Hope so.  I could do with the blond hair, blue eyes and long legs – and that’s just the men.
  • Speed limits in Denmark are much less than elsewhere and they stick to it.  Nice to be able to have a good look round though and good for fuel consumption too.
  • Fuel stops are ok – some look as though they are closed but they’re not – but coffee stops are a bit more hit and miss – some look as though they are closed and they are.  One such stop was reminiscent of the Crossroads Motel complete with Benny but at least they had coffee…
  • Frederikshavn is full of great Danes – and here’s two we just happened to find last night
A couple of great Danes
A couple of great Danes

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